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A Beautiful Smile in as Little as 120 Days

If you are a candidate for orthodontics but concerned about lengthy treatment time, Dr. Abraham John offers the revolutionary Fastbraces® system for an accelerated treatment time. Traditional orthodontic treatment takes around one to two years, but with Fastbraces, you can correct your smile in as little as 120 days. If you are in need of braces to correct major or minor imperfections in your smile, but don’t want the lengthy treatment time, you are likely a candidate for Fastbraces!

Fastbraces® West Hartford, CT
The Fastbraces® Results

Patented Triangular Brackets Provide Results in Weeks

At first glance, Fastbraces may appear just like traditional metal braces, but the science behind them is far more advanced. Thanks to patented triangular brackets, the Fastbraces system is able to align your teeth in nearly half the time as traditional braces. Triangular brackets combined with a flexible wire are more effective because they provide more pulling power to gently move both the root and crown of the tooth at the same time. Traditional braces move the tooth crown first in one year, then the tooth root the second year. Many patients begin to see results in weeks with this method and treatment could even be completed in just a few short months!

Short-Term Treatment with Long-Term Smile Results

Fastbraces® West Hartford, CT

Many patients express concerns about the length of time orthodontic treatment takes. Since Dr. John is a certified provider of Fastbraces and a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, he has the ability to give you a straight, beautiful smile in nearly half the time. Fastbraces are a revolutionary accelerated orthodontic treatment that can provide your smile with long-term results in a short time-frame. Dr. John is also a certified provider of ClearCorrect invisible aligners if you are seeking a discreet approach to tooth alignment.

The Proof is in Our Patients

Fastbraces® West Hartford, CT
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If you would like to achieve your ideal smile quickly, schedule a consultation with Dr. John today to find out if Fastbraces are right for you!

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