Our Services

Our Services

Dr. John will take the time to listen to you and explain every step of your procedure before treatment.

Friendly, Knowledgeable and Caring Dentistry

We offer comprehensive dentistry for the entire family—including advanced treatments such as implants, orthodontics and various cosmetic services. We use state-of-the-art dental equipment and technology to make procedures as minimally invasive and as comfortable as possible.

We Offer the following Dental Services:

First Visit & New Patient Exam

During your first visit, Dr. John will get to know you and perform a comprehensive oral exam which includes a periodontal (gum) check, oral cancer screening and bite evaluation, as well as a check for any overall health conditions that may be affecting your oral health. We will show you videos to help you understand any issues that came up during your exam, and Dr. John will recommend a step-by-step treatment plan that will help you achieve full health in an affordable manner.

Cleanings & Gum Disease Treatment

Our skilled hygienists are very friendly and experienced. They perform gentle cleanings to maintain the health of your teeth and gums, and they will take the time to ensure that your cleanings are thorough yet comfortable. Using videos, hands-on training and demonstrations (such as with a special, removable dye that shows plaque on your teeth), they will also educate you on how to best take care of your teeth and gums between visits.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a wide array of cosmetic services, and we always aim to help you achieve your smile goals with treatments that you are comfortable with and that fit within your budget. We are able to perform minor cosmetic touch-ups to full smile makeovers. Our cosmetic procedures include high-tech veneers and crowns in one visit, orthodontics, implants, gum recontouring and teeth whitening. Dr. John will examine you, consult with you on your goals for your smile and let you know what is possible.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin, porcelain tooth coverings that are bonded onto the front of your teeth. They can correct stains and chips, and adjust an irregular tooth shape or size. We offer many types of porcelain veneers, including one-visit veneers, and we can cater to every need. Dr. John is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is very experienced with veneers. He will ensure that your veneers are crafted with precision, that they enhance the aesthetics of your smile and that they look natural.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of your smile. We offer in-office teeth whitening from Zoom and Rembrandt, as well as a Zoom take-home kit with custom bleaching trays. We also offer “internal bleaching”, a type of whitening specifically designed to bleach teeth that have become discolored after root canal treatment. This method bleaches the affected tooth from the inside out.

One-Visit Crowns

The breakthrough CEREC system allows us to offer durable, all-porcelain crowns in one visit. (CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction.) This CAD/CAM design and milling system enables Dr. John to design, custom-shade and fabricate your crown right in our own office while you wait. You will not need to wear a temporary crown—as with the traditional crown fabrication procedure—and you will not have to come back for a second visit.

One-Visit Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a type of tooth restoration that uses a series of connected crowns to replace one or more missing teeth. Dr. John is able to create all-porcelain bridges in-house, using our CAD/CAM, in-office CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) manufacturing system. Your crown will be designed, fabricated and placed in one visit, and you will not need to come back for a second appointment.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-colored synthetic material is used to correct minor imperfections (such as a small chip in your tooth). It can sometimes also be used to change the shape, size or color of your teeth. The material is a soft paste that the dentist sculpts into the right shape and hardens through the use of a special light. Dr. John is very experienced with dental bonding and he will recommend it when possible. It is a more economical alternative to veneers, but not as durable and stain-resistant, and its suitability depends on the nature of the imperfections, and on the goals you have for your smile.


We offer many types of dentures, including comfortable flexible partials and stable, implant-supported fixed or removable dentures. If you are missing multiple teeth or all of your teeth, Dr. John can create a well-crafted, natural-looking prosthesis so that you will be able to smile with confidence. It is best to come in for a personal consultation, since the options are numerous. Dr. John will examine you and let you know what he recommends for you.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. John is able to perform full-mouth rehabilitations using a variety of dental procedures, including dental implants, one-visit crowns, one-visit bridges, laser gum disease treatment, dentures and orthodontics. He will do a thorough diagnosis and analysis of your situation, and he will formulate a detailed treatment plan that can be executed in phases if necessary.

Childrens’ Dental Services

We offer dental services for children as young as three years old. During your child’s initial visits, we will focus on getting him or her accustomed to the office and comfortable receiving general checkups. We will gradually phase over into cleanings and placing sealants, and we will also gently educate them on what they can do to help contribute to their own dental health.

FastBraces® Ortodontic Treatment

We provide orthodontic treatment with the FastBraces system, which can be used for both teens and adults. This innovative system uses special triangular brackets that move the tooth and root at the same time, reducing the length of treatment. A full course of treatment takes about five months, whereas treatment with traditional braces can sometimes take several years. FastBraces brackets come in a regular or “clear” variety (which makes the braces less noticeable).

ClearCorrect® Clear Aligners for “Invisible” Teeth Straightening

In certain circumstances, Dr. John can also straighten your teeth using a series of ClearCorrect clear, plastic aligners. Each aligner is worn for several weeks, and then a new aligner is provided until the full course of treatment has been completed. ClearCorrect aligners are made of a clear plastic, and are almost invisible in the mouth.

The aligners are meant to be worn for at least 22 hours day, but you are able to remove them at any time—for example to eat, brush your teeth or take a photo for a special occasion. ClearCorrect aligners can be used for adults and can sometimes also be used for teeth straightening in teenagers.

One-Visit Root Canal Treatment

We offer root canal treatment using advanced 3D diagnostics, ultrasonic technology and biomimetic materials (mimicking natural tooth tissue). Teeth that receive root canal treatment often need to be capped by a crown as part of the treatment—using a special, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM crown manufacturing system, we can design and fabricate your crown right in our office, while you wait. Thanks to this technology, most root canals can be completed in one visit.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are considered the modern solution for tooth replacement. Dr. John uses the latest advances in implant dentistry to provide efficient and minimally invasive treatment, including 3D imaging technology for precise and meticulous treatment planning, and custom-made surgical guides for accurate implant placement.

Implant-Supported Dentures and Bridges

We offer several types of implant-supported, acrylic dentures that can replace a full arch of teeth, including removable implant-supported dentures (that snap in and out of implants in your jaw) and fixed implant-supported dentures (that are permanently fixed in your mouth and provide maximum chewing power). Alternatively, a full arch of teeth can be replaced with a porcelain bridge or even a series of bridges. Dr. John can examine you and let you know which of the many options he recommends for you.

All-on-4® New Teeth In A Day

Dr. John provides a special type of implant-supported denture called an “All-on-4.” Using an innovative system, these dentures are supported by only four implants in each arch, and can even be used for patients who have experienced a large amount of bone loss. The All-on-4 system eliminates the need for bone grafting in most patients.

Tooth Extractions

We will always try to repair and preserve a tooth whenever possible, but sometimes a tooth is beyond repair. When necessary, Dr. John employs special tools to perform gentle, minimally invasive extractions that leave the surrounding tissues as intact as possible. He uses our advanced 3D CT scanner for diagnostics and planning, and is so able to extract teeth in a very precise and safe manner.

Emergency Dental Care

We believe that no patient should suffer, and we give dental emergencies a high priority. If you call us during business hours, we will always try to get you in that same day. If you call after business hours, you will be able to leave a message that is received by Dr. John directly and if necessary, he will see you that same evening. In all cases, we will do our best to help you out of pain as soon as possible.

To make an appointment, call 860‑650‑2003 or click here to request an appointment online.