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Routine Tooth Extractions for a Healthy Mouth

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Why You May Need Tooth Extraction

When most people hear that they need to have a tooth extracted, they imagine pain, embarrassment and an incomplete smile. However, tooth extractions are very common and over 74 percent of all adults have had a tooth extracted at some point in their life.

Tooth Extractions West Hartford, CT

“We use modern technology to extract teeth. Every effort is made to save the bone around the tooth.”
Abraham John, BS, MDS, DMD

Reasons You May Need to Have a Tooth Extracted

Retained Baby Teeth

Sometimes baby teeth do not fall out properly, may be in an incorrect position or be blocking a permanent tooth from erupting properly. In any case, extracting the tooth may help prevent further problems.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth may grow in impacted, meaning they are at an angle, and may damage or shift surrounding teeth and nerves. Wisdom teeth may also cause crowding or shifting of the other teeth, requiring extraction.


In the case of an accident or trauma to the mouth, a damaged tooth might be past saving and need to be extracted. A dental implant is usually recommended as a natural-looking replacement.

Periodontal Disease

If periodontal disease has caused significant damage to the tooth root and gums, then extraction and replacement with a dental implant may be the only way to save the surrounding teeth, jaw bone and gums.


If your teeth are crowded, meaning they are packed too close together, it may be impossible for them to become aligned properly with orthodontics. In this case, out of place teeth are extracted so the remaining teeth can be aligned.

Tooth Extraction is Always a Last Resort

Dr. Abraham John only uses tooth extraction as a last resort effort to save your smile. If a tooth can be saved with a dental crown or periodontal care, that will always be our first approach. However, if a tooth requires extraction, it is best not to wait. A problem tooth could create huge complications in the future such as disease, infection or even the shifting or damage of surrounding teeth. Tooth extraction is a routine procedure for Dr. John and causes patients very little discomfort.

Tooth Extractions West Hartford, CT

Socket Preservation Assists in Dental Implant Placement

Tooth Extractions West Hartford, CT
Socket Preservation for Bone Volume

After a tooth is extracted, it leaves behind a small socket in the jaw. The preservation of this socket is vital to retaining proper bone volume and keep the surrounding teeth safe. Through socket preservation, Dr. John can add a bone graft to the extraction site to preserve the jaw bone. The graft will heal and fuse with the existing bone to keep your jawline even and create enough volume for dental implants to be placed. Replacing extracted teeth with dental implants is very important to your health and should be considered as soon as possible.

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